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Better Batter Bowl

Revolutionize the way you cook!

Kevin Harrington says "Every cook needs the Better Batter Bowl!"

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Losing your Grip happens!!! Am I right?


"Inspiration comes from necessity ! I designed this bowl after dropping a whole batch of brownies on the floor. When I couldn't find a bowl I could actually  hold on to... I built one!"

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Creator/Inventor Demonstrating Ease of Use

Welcome To Better Creations

Our Journey Began

     I would love to give you the story behind the Better Batter Bowl and how it came to be. I am a busy wife and mother, and have been a nail technician for the past 20 years. I developed Carpal Tunnel and arthritis in my hands.  This has caused me to lose grip of many things, including mixing bowls. I love to bake for my family, but when a whole batch of brownies hit the floor, not only did I have to clean up the mess.. I had to overcome the fact that I had lost the strenght in my hands. I'm sure many of you can relate..  It's very heart-breaking and frustrating!! I searched everywhere trying to find a lightweight bowl that I could hang on to. THERE WASN'T ONE!! So I decided to build one! My husband thought I was insane when I showed him the first one... It was made of Paper Mache and there was no way it would even hold water, but the idea and form was there and I began my search to find someone to make them for me. It took a while.. but now I can proudly present a Unique mixing bowl that's  Pretty to look at, Delightful to use by men, women and children, and Proudly made in the USA. Thank you for becoming part of our story.

With Love,

Shannon Brown 


Fits Comfortably in the palm of your hand!



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