#1 Better Batter Bowl

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The Internationally Patented "Better Batter Bowl" not only has a catchy name, but was designed with the REAL cook and baker in mind. No more dropping heavy mixing bowls by trying to grip onto the edge!! Once you slide your hand under the uniquely curved bottom of the Better Batter Bowl you will realize that your grip no longer has responsibility of holding onto your mixing bowl, the unique base of the bowl acts as a handle against the backside of your hand!!!  Lightweight, Shatter resistant, BPA Free, 4 Quart,  non slip base with convenient pour spouts, on both sides, to accommodate  left  and right handed users! Great for people with Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel! Great for Kids!! Great for anyone who uses a mixing bowl, salad bowl, or batter bowl. Best of all, they are proudly Made In The USA!!